""I love practising at Studio Orchard with Kirsten. Kirsten is a very intuitive teacher, whose practise always gives me exactly what I need, emotionally and physically. I don't know how she does it! Kirsten helps me find space in my body I never knew was there. I always leave feeling very grounded, and about 6 foot tall - I'm 5 foot 2.""


Kirsten Orchard

Kirsten has been practicing yoga and mind body movement for 15 years and teaching full time for 7 years. She is a highly respected and well-loved teacher known for her keen focus on intelligent alignment and her passion for yoga as a healing art.

Her attentive and playful teaching is creative, inspiring and multidisciplinary. Her work is inspired by her additional training in a wide range of mind body movement techniques including; The Gyrotonic Method, Garuda, Qi Gong and Budokon, these varied techniques bring a deeper sense of grounding to her yoga and an emphasis on circular, figure of eight and spiral movement patterns, which are truer to life.

Her yoga teaching is rooted firmly in the healing effects of conscious breathing, alongside her practical experience as a yoga therapist and her extensive experience of teaching one to one, alongside group classes.

Kirsten’s heart of teaching is hatha yoga, but there are also clear influences from vinyasa flow, hot yoga, iyengar, anusara and yoga therapy. She has studied with a raft of incredible international teachers including; Max Strom, Tias Little, Donna Fahri, Annie Carpenter, Sianna Sherman, Kristin Campbell, Tiffany Cruickshank, Bo Forbes and Susi Hatley.

Kirsten credits Max Strom as her primary influence and the game changer from ‘yoga workout’ to ‘yoga for a better life’. She credits him for shining a blinding light onto her understanding of the power of the breath to heal and transform, the power of imagination to inspire and calm the storm in the mind. She remains forever grateful to him for his unending inspiration, his incisive teaching, his simplicity, his profundity and his kindness.

Kirsten worked extensively in London teaching yoga and The Gyrotonic Method at triyoga and at The Third Space. She taught at Garuda Studios headquarters in London and privately with a range of International models, choreographers, dancers and artists.

She is now based in the Buckinghamshire countryside, with her own private studio 20 minutes from London by train in a haven of peace and tranquility in England’s green and pleasant land where she takes on private clients and small groups. In addition she teaches public classes at Absolute Hot Yoga in Gerrards Cross, where she also works as part of the management team.

Yoga Qualifications

  • Baptiste Power Vinyasa Level 1 with Baron Baptiste New York 2008
  • Hatha Yoga 200 hour Yoga Alliance: Teach Yoga, Elena Voyce 2008
  • Max Strom Inner Axis Teacher Intensives 2010, 2012, 2015
  • Susi Hatley of Functional Synergy Yoga Therapy 2011
  • SMARTflow Intensives with Annie Carpenter 2009, 2015
  • Donna Fahri Teacher Intensive triyoga 2012
  • Bo Forbes Yoga Therapy Intensive 2011
  • Budokon & Budokon Yoga: Miami, Ibiza and London 2009, 2010, 2013
  • Triyoga Hot Teacher Training: Kristin Campbell London 2012
  • Yoga Anatomy: Practices 2015 Leslie Kaminoff 2015
  • Prajna Yoga: Tias Little Intensive October 2015

Garuda Qualifications

  • Garuda Apparatus 2011, 2013
  • Garuda Matwork 2011, 2014
  • Garuda Barre London 2014

Gyrotonic Qualifications

  • Level 1 Gyrotonic London & Miami 2009
  • Gyrotonic Pre & Post Natal Applications 2010
  • Level 1 Gyrokinesis London & Germany 2011
  • Level 2 Prep Gyrotonic London 2011

Client Testimonials

"I love practicing at Studio Orchard with Kirsten.  Kirsten is a very intuitive teacher, whose practice always gives me exactly what I need, emotionally and physically.  I don't know how she does it!  Kirsten helps me find space in my body I never knew was there.  I always leave feeling very grounded, and about 6 foot tall - I'm 5 foot 2."

“It is difficult to find any teacher in any discipline that is able to balance a practice so that you are continually challenged. I’ve been lucky enough to practice with Kirsten, both privately and in a group environment, and her style and approach is to always challenge you to focus and build strength in an energising way. I can’t help being engaged when learning proper positioning, or being in tune with my breath; even in my most distracted of moments. Kirsten’s yoga classes always seem to be exactly what I need! I always end up feeling energized, refreshed and ready for anything.  Kirsten is a teacher that genuinely cares about you as much as what they are teaching.

“I started working with Kirsten at Studio Orchard with the aim of improving the range of movement around my hips and legs, including my inner thighs. I have completed less than 10 sessions and have already seen and felt the benefits as there is greater flexibility and I feel more confident moving into those tight areas when I am back in the studio.

One of the most important and unique aspects of the Studio Orchard experience is the unique way in which Kirsten passionately describes how the movement should look and feel using exactly the right word or phrase and sound (e.g. the  "whoop" sounds of the lower belly pulling up) The end result is that I am more able to visualise what I should be feeling or doing.

And of course there's usually fun and laughter- no point not working the smile muscles!

Moreover, no two sessions are the same as Kirsten targets the sessions to meet my specific mind and body needs on the day.  As a result, the experience is never boring, repetitive and predictable.

Studio Orchard is surrounded by space, trees and grass and is both quiet and private; exactly the sort of place where I can "pause" for an hour.
The range of equipment and 'toys" enable me to achieve a range of movement not possible in the average gym or in my day to day life at the office or  home- lucky me. 

On leaving the studio I feel calmer, energised, relaxed, stronger (mentally and physically), taller and looser.”