One to One
Group Classes

" Kirsten, thank you for another wonderful class. Instant nirvana."

Rene Taylor


Yoga is about opening your body and calming the mind. It helps you breathe better, move better and feel better. 

Yoga firmly establishes the mind body connection increasing self-awareness and the opportunity for long lasting change. It improves breathing, which can improve our emotional state, calm the nervous system, reduce stress and improve sleep.

The posture work improves everyday movements through increased flexibility in the spine, alongside a whole body core connection to create space and freedom in the body.

Yoga grounds you so that you can stand tall and feel spacious and uplifted.

One to One Yoga

One to one yoga greatly enhances the potential for yoga to lead you towards positive change mentally and physically.

It is tailored exclusively to your own personal needs. We draw from dynamic, therapeutic and restorative yoga, breathwork and meditation.

Reasons for studying yoga one to one vary; some people train exclusively one to one, others mix in one to one sessions periodically alongside their regular yoga classes to refine their technique and to take their practice deeper.

Whatever the reason, one to one yoga allows you to experience the true potential of yoga to deliver freedom in the body and the mind and to regulate the nervous system, helping us feel better in our bodies and in ourselves.

Yoga Therapy - Yoga as Mind Body Medicine

Yoga combined with deep conscious breathing has the power to heal and transform us; emotionally, physically and mentally.

Our body tells an Oscar worthy story about us, ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’ and everything that is underneath and in between.

Nothing happens in the mind, which doesn’t show up in some way in the body. Be it trauma, stress, anxiety, depression, illness, injury, grief, sadness; these are all expressed in the landscape of the body.

Yoga Therapy asks you to look at what is underneath the symptoms of ‘dis’ease, whether it be physical pain, sleep issues, anxiety, anger, depression, addiction and deal with the underlying imbalance in the nervous system to restore focus and calm.

We combine simple functional movement exercises with breath work, self massage, fascial release techniques, meditation and restorative yoga to restore balance.

What is so clever about yoga therapy is that through conscious breath work and simple short sequences of poses, you can release years of stored up tension and emotional holding from the body without having to talk about it and articulate it in words. The results can be truly liberating.

If you are looking to heal yourself of physical injury and or emotional pain, yoga therapy can help you restore harmony in the body and the mind to enable you to live a healthier, happier life.

Small Group Classes

There are classes at Studio Orchard every day except Sunday. Classes are small and personal with plenty of individual expert attention guaranteed. It is a great place to learn a strong foundation in yoga and mind body movement.

All classes are 75 minutes and must be booked in advance. Classes can be mixed and match to suit your individual needs and schedule.

Class packs are non refundable and non transferable but there is no expiry date on packs. Please note that the studio operates a strict minimum 24 hours cancellation policy on all sessions.

Price: A 4 Pack is £100 and a 10 Pack is £200. The 3rd class in a week is only £10. Many people see exponential benefits from coming 3-4 times a week.

Class Schedule:

Monday 09.30 - 10.45: Yoga

Tuesday 13.30 -14.45: Barre

Tuesday 19.30 - 20.45: Yoga

Wednesday 09.30 -10.45: Yoga

Thursday 19.30 - 20.45: Yoga

Friday 09.30 - 10.45: Yoga

Friday 11.00 - 12.15: Roller

Saturday 08.00 - 09.15: Yoga

Additional classes can be arranged with groups of friends or partners. Please ask for details.

Class Descriptions:

Yoga & Qi Gong: Monday, Wednesday & Friday: 09.30-10.45

A hatha based yoga class with elements of Qi gong, an ancient martial arts, offering a new kind of fitness: healing the spirit.

This a yoga class that transcends the purely physical to transform body, mind and emotions.

Classes focus on conscious breathing, intelligent mind body movement and creative visualisation and meditation.

Expect to feel better, sleep to improve, mood to lift, insight and intuition to return, anxiety to dissolve into a deep sense of trusting yourself and improved relationships and a greater sense of calm.

Evening Yoga by Candlelight: Tuesday & Thursday: 19.30-20.45

Evening Yoga is a strong yet soothing practice to restore balance and calm. Class begins slowly on the floor encouraging you to slow down and tune into subtle sensations to experience a deeper awareness of body mind connection. Movements are fluid, hydrating the tissues, increasing oxygenated blood flow and soothing body and mind. We balance the earth element with the water element of the tidal wave of breath. We find space and freedom in the body alongside a deep sense of calm. We progress to powerful standing postures and finish with some simple meditation techniques. Class is lit by Candlelight.

Garuda Barre: Tuesday: 13.30- 14.45

This class is a contemporary Garuda barre workout. It combines elements of ballet with pilates and yoga to build strength and length in the core, legs and upper body and delivers an unbelievably deep stretch. It works on the basis of pushing and pulling into and out of the barre and uses resistance bands for additional strength work. 

Garuda Foam Roller: Friday: 11.00-12.15

This class uses a unique, bigger than the average, foam roller to create a dynamic, strengthening mind body movement class that strengthens and stretches alongside releasing tension through myofascial release.

The material combines elements of yoga, pilates, breath work and body work. It builds excellent core and pelvic stability and is a great compliment to your yoga practice and especially good if you work out at the gym, run, cycle or play sport.

Organic Flow: Saturday: 08.00 - 09.15

Organic Flow is a level 2 class flowing seamlessly from pose to pose. It is set to music, african drumming and class is about the journey, not the destination. It starts simply and builds layering complexity as it develops. The pace is faster than the other classes and demands a good level of co-ordination. Movements incorporate circling and spiraling patters that work through the fascial lines of the body. It is uplifting and joyous.